Analytik Jena hands over laboratory complex to Moscow's Lomonossow University


To mark the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the chemistry Faculty of the internationally renowned Lomonossow University, Analytik Jena has inaugurated a reference laboratory complex. The ceremonial handover of the centre, equipped for the Chemistry Faculty, took place in Moscow last week.

In the presence of leading representatives of the university and over 200 guests from science, teaching and industry, Klaus Berka, chairman of the board at Analytik Jena AG gave an account of the long-term and successful co-operation between the university and the company. In doing so, he especially emphasized the significance of this strategic cooperation for the ongoing process of opening up new markets in Russia. Additionally, he pointed to the successful work of subsidiary, AJZ Engineering, which took over the implementation of the reference laboratory project as prime contractor. As it has already done so for other, well-known customers, such as the Academy of Science and the Institute for Neurosurgery, "Burdenko", AJZ Engineering demonstrated its many years of expertise in the area of project planning and implementation. Of particular interest were Analytik Jena's worldwide innovations introduced in Germany this year, for example, the contra device system and SpeedCycler. These products will also be launched onto the Russian market in the coming year.

"Given our product and service provision portfolio, in both the analytical and bio-analytical instruments business unit and our expertise in planning and equipping scientific facilities, we are a valuable partner for the internationally recognised Lomonossow University. With the handover of this reference laboratory, we are putting the most state-of-the-art analytical systems for education and research at the university's disposal. We are sure that this is a good investment for the future in the fast growing market of the Russian Federation," Klaus Berka explained.

At a result of the cooperation, in addition to the explicit formulation of new methods of application, Analytik Jena is also looking forward to research work for the joint development of selected analytical systems.

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