LGC and CIA take major step to establish REACH Centre

LGC and CIA announce joint initiative to help chemical companies implement REACH regulations


LGC and the Chemical Industries Association (CIA), the UK chemical industry's leading trade association, announced a joint initiative to establish a UK REACH Centre. The aim of the centre will be to help prepare the chemical industry for new legislation, predicted to come into force within the next 2-3 years, that will implement a comprehensive system of Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of chemicals (known as REACH).

It is envisaged that the new centre will offer a range of services including advice on the new procedures, consortium facilitation, data management, chemical safety reporting as well as coordinating independent verifiers, research and test services. It will also provide direct assistance to supply chain information exchange, building on existing trade association activity; and help in building a more comprehensive knowledge base of chemicals currently marketed in the UK.

LGC and the CIA will engage in a consultation process in the UK and around the rest of the EU to ensure that the REACH Centre meets the needs of a wide range of users. They intend to complete their consultations by late 2004 and will ensure that the Centre develops in a way that is compatible with regulatory requirements and with other industry initiatives that may develop elsewhere in the EU.

LGC and the CIA also plan to hold workshops during the remainder of 2004 to exchange ideas on support mechanisms and to optimise the concept of a UK REACH Centre with representatives from supply and user industries, service and retail sectors, and trade associations.

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