Oxford Instruments Analytical goes live with website for Electron Back Scattered Diffraction

Oxford Instruments Analytical has responded to the growing interest in, and use of, Electron Back Scattered Diffraction by launching www.ebsd.com. The new web site has been designed for all levels of user - from the beginner to the more experienced. It works through the basics of EBSD by means of an on-line tutorial, with interactive examples, definitions and models. It takes a guided tour through Oxford Instruments' own EBSD system, INCACrystal, using the unique Navigator panels to click through the software and hardware features. It clearly demonstrates the flexibility that INCACrystal offers. Information on applications for EBSD, and "Hints and Tips" complete the site. The launch of this web site coincides with the publication of EBSD Explained - the latest booklet in Oxford Instruments' range of Technical Briefings (see EDS Explained, WDS Explained and EDS on TEM Explained). Oxford Instruments' aim is to make www.ebsd.com the leading internet reference site for EBSD and they are looking for as much feedback as possible.

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