Apply now: Otto Schott Research Award 2005

In 2005 the Ernst Abbe Fund will be presenting the Otto Schott Research Award for the eighth time. The price will be awarded for outstanding achievements in basic research, technology and applications within the field of materials, especially glasses, glass ceramics, other optical materials or components made thereof. The sum of EUR 25.000,- has been allocated to the award. Qualified, preferably young scientists are eligible for this award; achievements of individuals and small groups can be considered. Direct applications will also be accepted from the candidates themselves. Recommendations and personal applications should be sent before May 31, 2004 enclosing a review of the scientific work on which the application is based, a curriculum vitae and a brief outline of the candidate's scientific career, to the following address: Ernst-Abbe-Fonds c/o Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft Barkhovenallee 1 45239 Essen (Heidhausen) Postfach 16 44 60 45224 Essen, Germany

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