Eurofins and GeneScan Conclude Cooperation Agreement


The Eurofins Group and GeneScan Europe AG have signed a Cooperation Agreement. The contract between Eurofins and GeneScan provides a framework for the cooperation between the two companies initially in Europe. It covers aspects, such as:

- GeneScan's laboratory in Freiburg (Germany) will become the common Competence Centre for GMO Analysis in Europe.

- GMO-testing Research & Development (R&D) activities will be concentrated at GeneScan. Eurofins will share its expertise with GeneScan in this field and the two companies will collaborate on R&D projects.

- GeneScan shall provide GMO-kits to certain laboratories of the Eurofins Group to carry out GeneScan assays.

- Both companies plan to progressively market GMO-testing of food and feed products under one common brand name: Eurofins | GeneScan.

- In other areas of molecular biological analyses, joint R&D activities will be carried out.

- Eurofins and GeneScan will optimise jointly the use of available resources and personnel.

Eurofins and GeneScan are convinced that this cooperation will be a further positive step towards meeting their customers' needs for "one-stop-shopping" of a complete range of analyses of Food/ Feed/ Seeds at a homogeneous high quality level worldwide. Eurofins and GeneScan offer GMO-testing from a unique network of 7 specialised laboratories in Europe, USA, South America and Asia/ Oceania.

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