Gene Bridges Announces Distribution Agreement with CAMBIO for Red/ET Recombination Kits


DRESDEN, Germany - Gene Bridges GmbH announced today, that CAMBIO Ltd., Cambridge, UK, has agreed to distribute Gene Bridges' Red/ET Recombination Kits in the United Kingdom & Ireland. "We are very pleased that a distribution organisation like CAMBIO, with such a strong market presence and reputation throughout United Kingdom has agreed to distribute our Red/ET Recombination Kits" says Gary Stevens, CEO of Gene Bridges. "Red/ET Recombination, also known as ET cloning or Lambda-mediated cloning, allows DNA constructs to be designed and created without size or site restrictions." The agreement includes the distribution of BAC Modification Kit, BAC Counter-Selection Kit, and BAC Subcloning Kit to non-commercial, research organisations. Commercial companies require a license from Gene Bridges.

CAMBIO sees the Red/ET kits as an ideal complement to their range of BAC libraries. Together they represent the key resources necessary for researchers to produce transgenic models with unprecedented ease. Now investigators can easily select and quickly obtain the BAC genomic sequence paired with the Red/ET kits for rapid production of transgenic constructs rather than labouring through the time-consuming process of subcloning and ligations. The Red/ET product line further extends CAMBIO's portfolio of products that expand investigators access to tools for systems biology."

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