Pall Lab Filters Earn Zymark/Caliper Exclusive Certification


Pall Corporation announced that its lab filters were granted Caliper's exclusive Automation Certification(R). The Pall Acrodisc(R) PSF syringe filter becomes the only syringe filter Caliper Life Sciences certifies for its automated laboratory systems. The 730 Zymark robotics systems are used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries for drug discovery, development and quality control. Under this agreement, the two companies are also entering into a multi-year joint marketing agreement. Acrodisc syringe filters, first introduced by Pall in 1973, are staples of research and analytical laboratories around the world. Millions of these filters are used each year to remove impurities in analytical samples prior to analyses of pharmaceutical agents. The latest Acrodisc PSF syringe filter was specifically designed to meet the exacting filtration specifications required by Zymark automated systems.

"We are pleased to work together with Pall and offer the Acrodisc PSF technology as our exclusive syringe filter," said Kevin Hrusovsky, President of Caliper Life Sciences. "The Acrodisc PSF meets our stringent criteria for automation certification resulting in a winning collaboration that saves customers both time and money." Caliper Life Sciences, which recently acquired Zymark Corporation, is the worldwide leader in laboratory automation and robotics.

Laboratories are increasingly turning to automated workstations to analyze a growing number of pharmaceutical agents. Automation eliminates tedious manual tasks, increases sample throughput, improves precision and reduces labor time and costs. Laboratories cannot afford system shutdowns that can result in lost opportunity costs or placing inventory on hold. The Acrodisc PSF syringe filters assure customers of smooth operation and worry-free performance 24 hours a day in automated workstations.

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