Genomatix Filed Patent: Epigenetics in DNA Chip Analysis


Genomatix filed a patent for an innovative method of introducing epigenetic principles into expression array analysis. Epigenetic mechanisms are responsible for higher order gene expression regulation on a chromosomal level. Understanding such events, in combination with a deep understanding of transcriptional regulation on gene level, represents a major step forward in interpreting gene chip data. The new method will be integrated into Genomatix´ developments towards a gene regulatory encyclopedia, elucidating biological pathways and regulatory networks. Deep knowledge of biological pathways is pivotal for understanding the molecular mechanisms of health, disease and drug action.

The regulatory encyclopedia will be the result of over a decade of research and knowledge integration derived from comparative promoter sequence analysis, large scale literature data and text mining, expression profiling, phylogenetic analysis, and proteomics.

"This patent filing is completely in line with the Genomatix philosophy of a holistic approach towards systems biology, which needs to include all aspects of transcriptional regulation. We are confident that this approach will further improve understanding of biological processes and opens the door to a so far largely untapped field for pharmaceutical innovation. ", said Thomas Werner, CEO & CSO of Genomatix

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