PerkinElmer Signs $250M Digital Imaging Agreement With GE


PerkinElmer, Inc. announced the signing of a long-term, exclusive agreement with General Electric Corporation to supply PerkinElmer's amorphous silicon digital flat panel X-Ray detector technology to GE Medical Systems (GEMS) and GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE). This agreement marks a major milestone in PerkinElmer's six-year relationship with GEMS, as the exclusive supplier of digital X-Ray detectors for advanced medical imaging and industrial applications. Under the agreement, PerkinElmer Optoelectronics will be sole provider of this technology to GEMS and GEAE for the next five years, a deal estimated to include more than $250 million of purchases by GE.

PerkinElmer's amorphous silicon X-Ray detectors provide detailed radiographic and fluoroscopic images of the human anatomy in digital form, offering physicians the highest sensitivity of detection and resolution during medical procedures. X-Ray signals are converted into digital images, providing exceptional image clarity with a large field of view for clinical applications that require exact precision, such as, radiography, cardiology and angiography procedures. As hospitals and clinics continue to switch from film-based to digital X-Ray, demand for GE's systems utilizing amorphous silicon detectors will continue to grow. This technology also is a key driver in opening up market opportunities in non-destructive testing, and has potential application in areas such as homeland security and biometric identification.

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