LGC and SEQUENOM expand SNP testing collaboration for paternity and forensic applications


LGC has announced a collaboration agreement with Sequenom, Inc. to develop and validate a genetic marker panel for paternity and forensic identification. Successful results will enable LGC to use the validated panel of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) assays on SEQUENOM's MassARRAY(TM) platform to provide paternity and forensic testing services.

LGC, a long-established provider of paternity testing and forensic DNA analysis services, is always at the forefront of cultivating the potential of new technologies and introducing them into the mainstream. It was LGC´s research and validation work in the late 1990´s of the then cutting-edge STR DNA profiling technique (Short Tandem Repeats) that established STR as the industry norm for paternity testing.

Alongside these applications, LGC established SEQUENOM's MassARRAY platform as the core technology for its high-throughput SNP analysis facility, which has been instrumental in the UK's National Scrapie Plan. This project, organised by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), aims to control and eradicate scrapie from the UK sheep population through detection of genetic susceptibility and selective breeding. The capabilities of the MassARRAY technology have impressed LGC and led to this latest collaboration to evaluate other applications.

"SEQUENOM's technology allows tremendous flexibility in managing extremely high volumes of time-critical genotyping samples, whether it is for one test on many samples or many different tests on one sample," said Dr Paul Debenham, Director of Life Sciences at LGC. "By utilising this technology in other diagnostic and genotyping applications, LGC is best placed to meet the future needs of our customers. LGC is committed to utilising innovative technologies and methodologies whilst maintaining the high quality standards that reinforce LGC´s position as an internationally recognised centre of excellence for setting standards in bioanalytical measurement."

"LGC's commitment to evaluation of the MassARRAY system for their paternity and identity testing services provides further validation of the leading performance characteristics that the MassARRAY platform offers to genetic testing laboratories: high flexibility, competitive operating cost, high sample throughput and most important, highest data confidence," said Dr Toni Schuh, SEQUENOM's President and Chief Executive Officer.

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