09-Oct-2015 - LUM GmbH

LUM GmbH forms joint venture in China

The articles of incorporation for LUM (Changzhou) Instruments Co., Ltd. were signed on 18 September 2015. Shareholders of this new joint venture are LUM GmbH, Berlin (80 % share capital) and Jiangsu Sino-German Innovation Center (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd, (GIC) Changzhou (20 % share capital). Besides the managing directors Prof. Dr. D. Lerche (LUM GmbH) and Dr. X. Zhou (GIC), top-ranking representatives of local investment agencies, of the management of Wujin Hi-Tech Industrial Zone (WIZ) as well as of the city of Changzhou attended the ceremony.

The head office of LUM (Changzhou) Instruments Co., Ltd. (LUM China) will be situated in Wujin Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, strategically located for the further growth of LUM China.

The further development of the sales network and the efficient technical support of the Chinese customers by native speakers, trained at LUM Berlin, belong to the main tasks of the new joint venture. Scientific cooperation with universities as well as the support and commitment in promoting young researchers from universities and academic institutions all across the globe form essential part of LUM’s philosophy, as numerous cooperation and sponsoring projects and the  LUM Young Scientist Award prove. Now, there is a further increase of those activities in China. They will be directly coordinated by  LUM (Changzhou) Instruments Co., Ltd.

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