29-Oct-2012 - LUM GmbH

LUM is nominated for the Innovation Award Berlin-Brandenburg 2012

Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac is a hot favourite for a prize

LUM GmbH is nominated for the Innovation Award with the new Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac. From more than 100 applications LUM was nominated into the final five candidates.

With the LUMiFrac® LUM, currently known as market leader in innovative analysers for direct and accelerated stability analysis and particle characterization of dispersions, now offers customer solutions in the field of material testing, too. The first product is already nominated for a prize.

Quintessence of the innovation is a multi-patented measuring technology for online determination of adhesive and tensile strength of composite material, multi-layer films and bonded parts. In contrast to common single sample pulling test now up to 8 specimen are simultaneously measured in a special rotor of a centrifuge. The centrifugal force acts as the test load. The programmable change of the rotor speed increases the applied force onto the specimen up to the breaking point. During rotation a measuring electronics, directly placed onto the rotor, sends position coded signals, allowing the transmission of the time and rotor speed of breakage to the PC-based SEPView® software. SEPView® automatically calculates the corresponding force of breakage and enables offline analysis and automatic comparison for up to 24 samples.

The main benefits include:

1. Simple and fast sample preparation
2. Simultaneous measurement of multiple samples
3. Use of planar as well as of individual test surfaces
4. Quantitative measurement with high reproducibility
5. Very high sample throughput.

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  • adhesion
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