29-Jul-2011 - ExonHit Therapeutics SA

Exonhit and BGI Announce Successful Completion of a Promising Next-Generation Sequencing Project

Combining complementary platforms facilitates rapid and comprehensive discovery and development of biologically relevant markers

Exonhit and BGI announced the successful completion of a project dedicated to expanding Exonhit’s Genome-Wide SpliceArrayTM to an additional strategic preclinical animal model species.

To answer the need for a comprehensive understanding of gene deregulation and the expanding interest in developing biomarkers and molecular diagnostic tests for complex diseases, Exonhit and BGI decided to leverage their technology and know-how by combining the complementary features of massive parallel sequencing and Exonhit’s proprietary SpliceArray™ platform.

“Combining BGI’s next-generation sequencing ability with the profiling efficiency of Exonhit unique SpliceArray™ platform to discover new transcript content will enable a better understanding of the biology contributing to the onset and progression of disease. This new powerful combination will facilitate the rapid discovery, development and commercialization of the most relevant therapeutics, biomarkers and molecular diagnostics. We look forward to working with BGI as a preferred partner on future discovery projects,” commented Matthew Pando, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Therapeutics at Exonhit.

“There is a high need for biomarker discovery as Pharma and Biotech players search for prognostic and predictive biomarkers in animal models, for designing clinical trials and developing companion diagnostics,” said Zifei Yang, Director of Pharma Business Development at BGI. “BGI Europe is pleased to partner with Exonhit to leverage BGI’s next-generation sequencing technology with Exonhit’s SpliceArray™ platform.”

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