PANalytical’s Empyrean wins 2011 R&D 100 Award

14-Jul-2011 - Netherlands
PANalytica has announced that Empyrean, it’s newly designed X-ray diffractometer, has been recognized as a 2011 R&D 100 award winner. In their 49th year the R&D 100 awards are widely recognized as the ‘Oscars of Innovation’ identifying and celebrating the top high technology products of the year.
Awarded under the, ‘winning technology’ category, Empyrean has the unique ability to measure all sample types – from powders to thin films, from nanomaterials to solid objects – on a single instrument. Truly unique to Empyrean is the system’s ability to see inside solid objects without having to cut them up. Using computed tomography (CT) analysis, it becomes possible to determine the area of interest for subsequent X-ray diffraction analysis, or check the presence of pores or inclusions inside the object.
“We are truly honored to receive this prestigious award,” said Jan van Rijn, General Manager X-Ray Systems at PANalytical. “It is gratifying to be recognized for our commitment to developing new generation platforms, products and solutions that enable innovation within multiple industries, helping them to survive and thrive amidst today’s challenges.”

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