01-Apr-2011 - BMG LABTECH GmbH

BMG LABTECH’s First Winner of a SPECTROstar Nano Could Change the Way We Look at Beer

One of the first uses of the microscope by Louis Pasteur was to determine why beer and wine soured; he later hypothesized the Germ Theory of Disease. It’s in that same spirit that BMG LABTECH congratulates Dr. Gary Spedding for his proposal to use the new SPECTROstar Nano to modernize beer and wine analysis. 

Dr. Gary Spedding is the managing owner of the Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services in Lexington Kentucky, USA. He proposes to revamp classic beer analysis techniques like detecting color, polyphenols, tannins, protein and nitrogen content by using the new SPECTROstar Nano.

Dr. Spedding was delighted that his proposal was chosen as the first winner of a SPECTROstar Nano. "As a new but pioneering lab in the Brewing and Distilling Analytical field, along with promoting wine analysis, we are naturally delighted to have had our proposal chosen for the new SPECTROstar Nano. The brewing industry in particular has lagged behind in implementing modern instrumentation at this level and there is a need to modernize and scale down many assays used in the industry. We recently started work on nutrient analyses for beverage fermentation and high gravity fermentation systems will be amenable to study using the SPECTROstar Nano. We look forward to extensive use of this instrument in the coming years. We thank you for choosing our quite unique proposal and will try and do full justice in return for receiving one of these flexible and state of the art instruments. Our best wishes to other contestants for future drawings on this program.”

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