21-Jul-2010 - instrAction GmbH

Novasep and instrAction enter a worldwide strategic alliance for non-chiral chromatography

Novasep and instrAction announced that they have entered a strategic alliance. The alliance will offer customers in the life science industry a combination of instrAction’s proprietary API-selective stationary phases (Instruction® Receptor Phase) and Novasep purification capabilities and high performance chromatography technologies. These will be used to develop, operate or supply optimized large scale chromatography processes for purifying synthetic and hemi-synthetic compounds.

This combined approach will provide a purification process or service with guaranteed. It will also enable pharmaceutical companies using Novasep’s and instrAction’s services to secure key process intellectual property for their valuable molecules including new molecular entities and generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

For each targeted molecule, at the customer’s option, instrAction will identify the API-selective stationary phase most appropriate to customer needs from its library of over 3,000 phases - constantly expanded by new prototypes and perform process optimization services assisted by Novasep with the latter’s unique computer simulation software. Depending on individual customer requirements, there will be two main options after development: either, purification (and synthesis if required) by Novasep; or transfer of the process to the customer including the supply of a turnkey chromatography process system with guaranteed performance by Novasep and the supply of the API-selective stationary phase by instrAction.

“With the ever-increasing complexity of pharmaceutical compounds, traditional purification processes including crystallization, and even normal or reversed phase chromatography, are often too expensive, and, worse, ineffective,” says René de Vaumas, executive vice president in charge of Novasep Synthesis’ business development. “instrAction’s stationary phases have already demonstrated dramatically improved purification costs for several difficult-to-purify compounds at medium to large scale,” he added.

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