17-Dec-2021 - Dermagnostix GmbH

Startup revolutionizes diagnostics in dermatology

Dermagnostix closes seven-figure seed round

Dermagnostix revolutionizes diagnostics in dermatology with its fully auto-mated "lab-in-a-box" system, which allows the technically valid performance of complex molecular assays. "Modern molecular diagnostics is a prerequisite for implementing precision medicine in dermatology. It not only supports conventional diagnostics, but also makes it possible to predict individual therapy response and course of disease," explains CEO, dermatologist and co-founder Dr Natalie Garzorz-Stark, adding: "Unfortunately, manual performance of complex DNA- and RNA-based assays is time-consuming, error-prone and requires expertise, which is why large implementation could not be achieved to date. A few years ago, the LabDisk platform developed at Hahn-Schickard provided the ideal technical solution for the first molecular test "PsorEx", patented by Helmholtz Munich and TU Munich, to distinguish between psoriasis and eczema.

The idea of Dermagnostix was born. "Our LabDisk technology is based on smart centrifugal microfluidics and makes it possible to measure 40 markers and more simultaneously within 60 to 90 minutes, even in solid tissue such as the skin," describes CTO and co-founder Dr Katharina Dormanns, who previously headed the LabDisk platform group at Hahn-Schickard in Freiburg.

The degree of innovation of the system and also its application for diagnostics not only convinced the investors in this seed round, but was also recognized by numerous juries. With the help of competitive third-party funds of 3 million euros in the pre-founding phase, the system was developed to the functional model stage. Numerous prizes in business competitions and admission in exclusive networks such as BayStartUP, WECONOMY and CDL Oxford have enormously expanded the reach of the still young spin-off within a few months since its establishment in 2021.

"It is a great advantage and very motivating that we have gained experienced and well-connected investors with regulatory, financial and medical expertise to support us in our mission to bring molecular diagnostics in dermatology to everyone, everywhere," the founders enthuse. The seven-figure sum will now be used to bring the system with the first test PsorEx-LabDisk to market maturity. Dr Helmut Laaff, dermatopathologist from Freiburg and investor in the seed round, is already very excited about being able to integrate the system in his own laboratories and to contribute to the development of the portfolio.

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