Bruker announces acquisition of a spin-off from Ghent University

Acquisition expands nuclear molecular imaging portfolio

23-Nov-2021 - Belgium

Bruker Corporation announced the acquisition of MOLECUBES NV, a dynamic innovator in benchtop preclinical nuclear molecular imaging (NMI) systems. This acquisition strengthens Bruker’s position as a leading NMI solutions provider in preclinical and translational imaging research.

The combination of Bruker’s preclinical imaging products and global footprint with the modular benchtop CUBES™ systems of MOLECUBES will provide a broader NMI offering to further accelerate worldwide adoption of preclinical NMI in academic medical centers and biopharma companies.

Dr. Wulf I. Jung, President of the Bruker BioSpin Preclinical Imaging Division commented: “Nuclear molecular preclinical and translational imaging research are growing market segments, in which we are already recognized for high-performance simultaneous PET/MR and PET/SPECT/CT instruments, and for our PMOD™ PET data analysis software. The acquisition of MOLECUBES adds scalable benchtop instruments to our portfolio for serving the NMI preclinical research community. The synergies between our and MOLECUBES’ research and development, applications and service teams is expected to benefit our combined NMI customers worldwide.”

Professor Roel Van Holen, CEO of MOLECUBES, added: “The MOLECUBES vision has always centered around making in vivo NMI available to every lab, by developing small footprint imagers without compromising on image quality. The high throughput of our unique scalable technology makes it an excellent tool to speed up drug discovery and translational research. Bruker has the reach to increase access to the CUBES in labs throughout the world, aligning with our joint mission to support the quality and speed of preclinical drug development and fundamental pathobiology research. Our team is looking forward to working within Bruker on research and innovative solutions for our existing and future customers.”

As a fast-growing company founded in 2015 in Ghent, Belgium, MOLECUBES develops and sells high-end PET, SPECT, and CT CUBES™ systems, with a global installated base of more than 70 systems among key opinion leaders. The modular benchtop CUBES complement Bruker’s integrated, floor-standing preclinical small animal imaging systems.

MOLECUBES will remain an innovative and agile operational team within the Bruker BioSpin Preclinical Imaging division, and MOLECUBES customers can continue communications through existing channels. MOLECUBES’ R&D and applications teams will collaborate with Bruker’s preclinical imaging experts to continuously advance NMI technology, software, workflows and applications.

MOLECUBES generated approximately Euro 5 million in FY 2020 revenue. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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