19-Nov-2020 - lino Biotech AG

Novel label-free biosensor platform for innovate modern drug screening

lino Biotech closes seed financing round

After almost a decade of initial invention and joint research on the Focal Molography technology at Roche, a leading player in the diagnostics and pharmaceutical area, and ETH Zurich as one of Europe’s most renowned research institutes, lino Biotech AG has licensed the technology to further develop and commercialize Focal Molography. The company has received 7-digit financing from lead-investors HTGF, Roche Ventures and several family offices.

This broadly patented technology offers label-free detection assays using the power of molecular diffraction while eliminating disturbances of environmental factors such as changes in temperature or non-specific binding. lino’s biosensor platform offers industry customers and researchers a unique way to study molecular interactions in living cells and crude biosystems. Importantly, its broad application spectrum can for the first time, measure drug binding to transmembrane proteins while simultaneously observe intracellular signaling. Additional applications can be found in bioprocessing.

With access to modern clean room facilities, the company currently offers its services to selected industry partners as contract research service.

"Experiments with pharma partners have highlighted the value of Focal Molography. However, we are still at the beginning to understand the value of Molography for different industries. For example, we currently evaluate the potential of monitoring multiple parameters in bioreactors as well as another pharma case of measuring high-affinity drug-target interactions in real-time over several days. Two very different applications for different customers that both seem feasible with the technology at hands", said Dr. Mirko Stange, CEO of lino Biotech.

"Molography offers the chance to combine several assays into one single measurement of living cells, thus delivering distinguish information on target specific interactions and shorting development times for novel drugs", said Dr. Martin Pfister, Principal at HTGF.

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