30-Apr-2019 - LUM GmbH

International conference in May celebrates 25th anniversary of LUM GmbH in Berlin

LUM GmbH is a leading international provider of innovative measurement technology for dispersion analysis and materials testing. Since the founding of the company by Prof. Dr. Dr. D. Lerche in 1994, LUM is also obliged to science. The company promotes science and technology and contributes by own research work to the further development of the competence fields: particle characterization, suspension and emulsion analysis and stability analysis and determination of adhesive and bonding strengths. The world-wide networking of LUM instrument users is subject to particular efforts by LUM.

LUM celebrates its 25th anniversary by organizing the 9th International Conference Dispersion Analysis and Materials Testing in Berlin from 22 – 23 May 2019. The final programme invites particle scientists, formulators of dispersions and emulsions, Das finale Programm lädt Partikelforscher, Dispersions- und Emulsionsformulierer, material testers from all over the world to Berlin, to exchange know-how and experiences.

The keynote lecture ”Progress in particle characterization by sedimentation analysis“ will be given by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Peukert, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. Shin-ichi Takeda from Japan speaks about particle characterization by Hansen Dispersibility Parameters using measuring instruments LUMiReaderPSA and LUMiSizer. Scientists from the universities of Leeds, UK, and Utrecht, Netherlands, report on the successful use of analytical centrifugation and of ultracentrifugation for particle research and sedimentation in dispersions.

Users in cosmetics and chemical industries are addressed in particular by the talks presented by  Colgate-Palmolive, USA, Wacker Chemie, Germany and Technical University Brno, Czech Republic.   Topics include the rapid and direct accelerated stability testing of creams and silicone formulations, and the shelf-life prediction for consumer goods. The well-known instruments LUMiFuge and LUMiSizer are applied.
Pigment formulations and inks are in another conference focus.

The combination of accelerated separation and real-time X-ray analysis (LUMiReader X-Ray) of  titanium dioxide form part of the contribution by Kronos International, Inc. The real-time analysis using optical multiwavelength technology in LUMiReaderPSA is used by HP Indigo, Israel, for the characterization of Liquid ElectroPhotography-inks. Stability prediction of inkjet inks is subject to research by HP Inc. in the USA.

The large demand for LUM measuring instruments in food processing industries is reflected by two conference sessions. Three young scientists apply for LUM Young Scientist Award 2019 presenting topics about pea protein, nanogels and particle adhesion of flour. Pepsico Russia and the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, present their experiences in another session. Berlin based company Optoshere speaks about offline and inline determination of fat, protein and dry matter in milk and dairy products, applying the latest LUM product LUMiFlector.

The use of analytical centrifuges for tensile and pressure testing is known since the introduction of LUMiFrac, made by LUM. Latest achievements are reported by a scientist from the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and. Testing (“BAM”).  For the first time, now the LUMiFrac has been used for Microcontact Printing of Patchy Silica Particles, as the speaker from Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research will reveal.

25 speakers meet the audiency during two days. The traditional social programme includes this year a special guided tour through Tierpark Berlin, which is Europe’s biggest animal park.

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