23-May-2018 - Bracco S.p.A.

Bracco Imaging and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals join forces in the field of ultrasound

Bracco Imaging S.p.A. and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd. have signed a collaboration agreement on new R&D activities in China.

The collaboration is focused on the exploitation of the potentialities of the Bracco microbubbles technology platform, to support the development of innovative Shanghai Pharmaceuticals therapeutic drugs in the oncologic field.

Microbubbles have already changed medical imaging in Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) - a high-sensitivity, non-invasive, real-time, cost-effective and radiation-free modality that improves the visualization and assessment of cardiac cavities, large vessels and tissue vascularity - and are now also considered as a high potential platform for treatment monitoring in oncology.

"China represents the second largest market and one of the most relevant areas of development for Bracco" said Diana Bracco, President of the Bracco Group. "Since 2001 we have been directly present in China with a Joint Venture with Shanghai Sine (part of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Ltd Group) that at the end of 2016 has been extended for additional 20 years, consolidating Bracco's strategic presence in China."

"China is a growing force in healthcare innovation and today we start a new phase for our shared commitment to deliver better patient care" said Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, Chief Executive Officer at Bracco Imaging. "The joint effort with Shanghai Pharmaceuticals further reinforces our long-term partnership in China, and provides additional opportunities to expand the use of the microbubbles in new fields by targeting tumor angiogenesis in a very effective and safe way: the combination of these innovative treatment monitoring capabilities from Bracco with a new immuno-oncology therapy by SPH will allow to address a very significant, unmet medical need in pancreatic cancer."

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Zhou Jun, Chairman and Non-executive Director at Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, concluded: "We are delighted to sign this agreement with Bracco. Shanghai Pharmaceuticals has a breadth of capabilities in R&D and today the strategic alliance in innovation will foster our partnership with a global leader in diagnostic imaging and its cutting-edge microbubbles platform in ultrasound."

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