Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik BTS and Lonza cooperate in the microreactor technology

23-Feb-2010 - Switzerland

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik BTS (EMB), a Bayer Technology Services company, and Lonza signed a worldwide manufacturing and distribution license agreement together with a cooperation and development agreement on the Lonza microreactor technology. Under the terms of the agreements, EMB will acquire a license from Lonza on two key products: the Lonza Development Microreactor (process development) and the Lonza Advanced Production Microreactors (manufacturing). As a result, EMB will become the exclusive worldwide manufacturer, vendor, and distributor of Lonza microreactors. Lonza microreactors are the most advanced reactor technology for numerous chemical syntheses based on micro-structured devices. Lonza and EMB also agree to further develop the product via the cooperation and development agreement.

“Both agreements are strategic for Lonza as they will broaden the base of users to freely utilize this cutting-edge reactor technology to develop the greener and sustainable processes of tomorrow”, says Dominique Roberge, Head of Microreactor Technology Business Development. “We are excited to continue to develop the Microreactor Technology and to strengthen the leading position of Lonza in this field”.

“This cooperation is an excellent strategic fit for us to extend our outstanding microreaction technology portfolio with proven technology and know-how to serve our customers world wide,” says Dr. Olaf Stange Managing Director of EMB. “Together with Lonza and our key experts at Bayer Technology Services we are looking forward to becoming the leading supplier and consultant in the field of microreaction technology.”

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