Agilent Technologies Announces First Microarray Certified Service Provider in Korea

17-Sep-2009 - Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced DNA Link, Inc. has achieved Certified Service Provider status for Agilent microarray platform. Certification is for array-based comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) and microRNA (miRNA) applications, both representing fast growing segments for the Agilent genomics business.

“DNA Link is the first Agilent Certified Service Provider in Korea. It has established facility and well-trained staff to support our expanding applications and customer base in Korea,” said Dr. Chris Tan, Agilent director of sales, genomics and life sciences, Asia Pacific and Japan. “This is a critical milestone for us in this strategically important market in Asia Pacific. Through this partnership with DNA Link and its close network with academic universities and government institutions, Agilent is in the best position to provide incomparable service to the customers in Korea with high quality genomic solutions. We will continue to seek further collaboration with the region’s top genomic players to respond to the growing market’s needs. ”

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