NanoCare Project Builds Trust

Nanomaterials knowledge base expanded

18-Jun-2009 - Germany

The NanoCare Project has gained new knowledge about the effects of nanomaterials on health and on the environment. Dr. Peter Nagler, head of Innovation Management for Evonik’s chemistry Business Area, said that the project, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of education and Research, would immensely help create a broad basis for safe and responsible nanotechnology development. “From Evonik’s perspective, NanoCare is a success,” he said during the closing ceremony for NanoCare in Berlin. The objective of NanoCare, launched three years ago, is to gain more knowledge about the impact of industrially manufactured nanomaterials on health. Fifteen companies, universities, and research facilities participated in and contributed their expertise to the project.

Evonik Industries provided NanoCare its highly researched comparative materials titanium oxide and carbon black, as well as new nanomaterials such as zirconium oxide, cerium oxide, mixed oxides, and various innovative surface-modified particles. Evonik’s analytical services center, AQura, provided NanoCare with its expertise in the chemical-physical characterization of particles and in measuring nanoparticles in the workplace. In addition, Evonik opened its factory gates to independent specialists who wanted to take measurements in the workplace.

“The results obtained by NanoCare so far indicate that no additional safety measures are required for the newly researched materials, compared to the already highly researched comparative materials, for which a broader database exists.” NanoCare has significantly broadened knowledge about evaluating nanomaterials. In addition, methods were developed to measure nanoparticles in the workplace. The project helps standardize international testing in various areas. For example, NanoCare provides its data to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to improve internationally recognized test strategies.

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