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Speeding up thermal desorption/GC

Absolutely clean TD tubes are essential for highly sensitive and reproducible GC measurements. The TD CLEAN-CUBE is ideal for conditioning tubes and for removing residues of former sample collection. The conditioning procedure is completely independent of the TD system and GC column and detector are protected from interfering contaminants, which occur during internal conditioning more

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Milton Keynes, GB

1-day Hands-on Thermal Desorption (TD)

This one day course begins with the theory of thermal desorption, types of samples that can be analysed using this technique, types of tube packing materials and how to collect samples. This knowledge is then used to create TD methods, collect and analyse samples and experiment with parameters to se

24-04 – 28-04
Milton Keynes, GB

5-day Complete GC & GC-MS

to provide a complete training solution enabling you to understand your Gas Chromatograph or GC-MS instrument, develop applications, troubleshoot & maintain it. This course covers all the practical theory you need to know about Gas Chromatography and its related techniques including gas chromatograp

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