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SOXTHERM from C. Gerhardt: Efficient – Precise – Reliable

Extraction methods are used in many ways for classic fat determination in foodstuffs and animal feed. The physical separation method is also useful in environmental and residue analytics and for quality inspection of production materials.

The substance to be determined is dissolved out of the sample with a suitable solvent and then separated from the solvent. The resultant extract can then be analysed in terms of quantity or quality.

For example, petroleum ether, hexane or diethyl ether are used to extract fats and oils from foodstuffs and animal feed. The methods used here include the Röse-Gottlieb principle, the fat content according to Schmid-Bondzynski-Ratzlaff (SBR), total fat according to the Weibull-Stoldt or the Weibull-Berntrop principle or, in the field of animal feed, crude fat determination using the Weende method. Organic pollutants can be extracted from a wide variety of samples using hexane, acetone, toluene or mixtures of these.

Extraction methods are often time-consuming and handling solvents is potentially dangerous.
Many years ago, C. Gerhardt developed SOXTHERM for rapid and reliable extraction to solve these issues. The most powerful laboratory extraction system on the market extracts up to 24 samples simultaneously in an enclosed system. Fully automatic, precise, reliable and safe. The five-stage extraction process developed by C. Gerhardt is many times faster than the conventional Soxhlet method. The apparatus can safely be operated without supervision. The control software monitors and logs all process and device data. The extraction process is transparent and reproducible.

SOXTHERM is extremely flexible and a genuine all-rounder. Inert materials and comprehensive accessories enable extraction with a wide variety of solvents, from acetone to xylene, enable extraction of a very wide range of substances and mixtures. Whether it be free fat in cereal and cereal products, in potato chips or cocoa; crude fat in mustard seeds and oil seeds; extract concentration in ground coffee; fat in leather or down feathers; paraffin in wood shavings or residual resin in cellulose fibres; EOX, PAH or dioxin in soil; plasticisers in PVC and rubber; oil and fat in water and sewage; coatings and accompanying substances in textiles; or azoic dyes in shoe materials – SOXTHERM is ideally positioned for these and many other applications.

The system operates in compliance with national and international standards such as AOAC and EPA and provides precise extraction results of the highest validity.

Thanks to its design and the use of high-quality and durable materials, SOXTHERM is extremely low-maintenance.

And: SOXTHERM is economical and protects the environment. Solvent recovery and extraction beakers in two sizes ensure minimal use of chemicals.

SOXTHERM and the HYDROTHERM automatic hydrolysis system are an unbeatable team for determining the fat content of foodstuffs and animal feed.

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