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Photometry Tips and Tricks

Practical tips to selected photometric applications

Chapter 1: Feasible measured values – the ten most important questions and answers
We have collected the most frequently asked questions about the subject „How to achieve good measured results?“ and compiled them into a favorite list. Here, important subjects include the „Limits of the measurable“ and „Recognize error sources“.

Chapter 2: From calibration curve to photometric method data - Basics of calibration

Chapter 3: Chlorine – disinfectant in the water industry
Chlorine is still the most important disinfectant for basin water and drinking water in the areas of emergency or transport chlorination.In some countries, chlorine is used by default obligatorily for the treatment of drinking water.Therefore, a respective amount of choices of solutions is available for chlorine measurements. Analytical quality assurance and the ease of handling are foremost factors in the selection of suitable test kits, depending on the usage site.

Chapter 4: Photometric Color Measurement
In the past, “colorimetry” resepectively “color measurement” was based on human color vision, which was strongly influenced by individual perception as well as by exterior influences, such as the ambient light and the brightness. Only with the use of photometers and defined and standardized color systems, the subjective visual estimation was replaced with an objective and accurate measurement. This measurement procedure attempts to describe a color using one or more numeric values. Here, different methods can be applied.

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