Fully automated Kjeldahl analyser with advanced digital capabilities

The Top 3 Advantages

Unmatched accuracy with colorimetric titration


Safe and easy operations with SAfE mode


The latest in automation technology saves hours every day

Accurate results with fast turnaround time and easy data handling

Future-proof productivity in your laboratory:

The Kjeltec 9 Analyser provides fully automated Kjeldahl analysis adding advanced digital capabilities to an already brilliant technology. Take advantage of fast turnaround time, improved data handling and less risk of human error for accurate results.

Speed with safety:

Increase throughput and save operator time with fully automated batch handling. Analyse up to 60 samples unattended and up to 240 samples in 24 hours with Kjeltec 9 Autosampler. Ensure safety with FOSS pioneered SAfE mode reducing the risk of chemical spillage while minimising cleaning and maintenance.

Sample type:

Raw materials and finished products in food, feed and agriculture.


Nitrogen, protein and ammonia

  • Kjeldahl distillation

  • nitrogen analysis

  • protein determination

  • Reference tests

  • colorimetric titration

  • titration systems

  • Colorimetric measuring instruments

  • Kjeldahl-analysers

Target Industries
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