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The extremely quiet, efficient, oil-free vacuum pumps of the HiScroll series

The Top 3 Advantages

Absolutely dry and oil-free vacuum pump


Comfortable, low noise, low vibration


Compact design for use in analysis systems/laboratory equipment

Covers many applications in the field of analytics, industry or research & development

The HiScroll series consists of three dry and hermetically sealed scroll pumps with a nominal pumping speed of 6 - 20 m³/h. The pumps are characterized in particular by their high efficiency and low noise level. The pumps are characterized in particular by their high performance when evacuating against atmosphere.

The HiScroll‘s adaptive fan control ensures optimum cooling under different operating conditions and also reduces noise emissions when the full power of the pump system is not required. A unique integrated pressure sensor (optional) enables fully automatic pressure regulation together with intelligent speed control. This helps to minimise energy consumption, wear and noise emission, thus ensuring longer maintenance cycles.

The HiScroll pumps are extremely quiet with <47 dB[A] (in stand-by mode <42 dB[A]). Their very compact design and low-vibration operation also distinguish the pumps. This makes them ideal for use in quiet working environments, for example on mass spectrometers, in research institutes or leak.

  • environmental analysis

  • fermentation

  • metallurgy

  • freeze-drying

  • mass spectrometry

  • vacuum drying

  • Accelerator

  • Coating

  • Gas recovery

  • Leak detection

  • Semiconductor technology

  • catalysis

  • semiconductor industry

  • vacuum technology

  • laboratories

  • coatings

  • ATEX-certified Pumps

  • Oil-free vacuum pumps

  • Scroll Pumps

  • Vacuum Pump

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