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New citation indicators needed to measure research performance


How do you compare the impact of a researcher in chemistry or physics with a molecular biologist who may be working on similar projects? Two experts support the use of citation indicators that are based on percentiles, a statistical parameter that allows for comparisons with a carefully defined ...


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New insights into how stem cells determine what tissue to become


Within 24 hours of culturing adult human stem cells on a new type of matrix, University of Michigan researchers were able to make predictions about how the cells would differentiate, or what type of tissue they would become. Their results are published in the Aug. 1 edition of Nature ...


Study highlights sustainable footprint of chemical companies


Global chemical companies could release at least one billion Euro in cash flow if they increase their sustainability performance. The claim has been made following an international study which assessed the sustainability performance of nine global chemical companies in monetary terms. Entitled ...


Zero in on ozone with fluorescent solution that detects harmful molecule in air and body

Personal ozone detectors and biomedical indicators could result from a chemical probe that glows bright green when exposed to ozone


Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have developed a fluorescent substance that glows bright green when exposed to even minute amounts of ozone in the air and in biological samples such as human lung cells. A molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms, ozone is at once a harmful pollutant ...


Rice eyes risks of quantum dots

Researchers test nanocrystals for health, environmental concerns


Quantum dots have the potential to bring many good things into the world: efficient solar power, targeted gene and drug delivery, solid-state lighting and advances in biomedical imaging among them. But they may pose hazards as well. A team of Rice researchers has been working to discover the ...


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Sniffing out a better chemical sensor

Researchers at the NIST have created a new approach for “electronic noses”


Marrying a sensitive detector technology capable of distinguishing hundreds of different chemical compounds with a pattern-recognition module that mimics the way animals recognize odors, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have created a new approach for ...


World scientific leaders gather in Espoo to accelerate development of bioactive paper


New methods are being developed in Finland, under VTT's direction, for the economical mass production of bioactive paper products, among others based on printing technology. The development is accelerated by organizing a joint conference with Canada's SENTINEL Bioactive Paper Network. The ...


Agilent Technologies Partners with Proteome Systems for Glycomics Applications, Software Development

Collaboration to Hasten Drug & Diagnostic Marker Discovery


Proteome Systems Ltd. and Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the expansion of their cooperative marketing agreement to develop new workflow solutions for the discovery of diagnostic markers and drug targets by glycomics analysis. Proteome Systems will use its expertise in biomarker discovery ...


Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex is the Top Supplier in the Mass Spectrometer Market


According to a recent survey of life scientists using mass spectrometry (MS) in their research, Applied Biosytems/MDS Sciex is the leading mass spectrometer brand in all regions and market segments, followed by Agilent Technologies and Thermo Finnigan. Customers of these three leading brands are ...


Ultrasonic Scientific's 2003 sales figures show 100% increase on 2002


Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd.has announced a landmark year in 2003 with sales reaching record levels - 100% increase on 2002 sales figures. This increase was accredited to significant penetration of existing markets and the opening-up of new, key markets through increased distribution channels. ...


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