Dr. Richard Eglen Joins PerkinElmer to Lead Discovery and Research Reagents Business


PerkinElmer Inc., announced that Dr. Richard Eglen has joined the Company as vice president and general manager, discovery and research reagents for PerkinElmer's Life & Analytical Sciences unit. In this position, Eglen is responsible for developing and executing PerkinElmer's discovery and research reagents business strategy. This will involve growing the business through innovative sales initiatives, aggressive new product development and greater international expansion.

Eglen joins PerkinElmer from DiscoveRx, where he held the positions of chief scientific officer and executive vice president for research and development. Prior to that, Eglen worked for more than 20 years in several executive positions within the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotech industries.

Eglen has a Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology from Trent University in Nottingham, United Kingdom. He has been published in more than 250 scientific papers and books and holds several patents, many of which focus on key drug discovery targets such as GPCRs, kinases and ion channels. He also holds several patents relating to novel technologies for enabling drug discovery and other types of research. Eglen serves on numerous journal editorial boards and is a board member of the Society for BioMolecular Sciences (SBS).

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