Endress+Hauser Supports Analytik Jena in Real Estate Acquisition

09-Mar-2015 - Germany

Analytik Jena AG has purchased the entire rented and owner-occupied real estate complex at their corporate headquarters in Jena. The real estate in the Jena-Göschwitz industrial estate comprises multiple modern new-builds as well as a renovated old building from the former Carl Zeiss Jena conglomerate. Analytik Jena AG has maintained its corporate headquarters in Jena-Göschwitz since 1995 and employs roughly 400 employees there today.

“The purchase of the owner-occupied real estate in Göschwitz by Analytik Jena AG was realized with the financial support of the Endress+Hauser Group. This decision is a clear commitment to the Jena business location,” said Klaus Berka, Chief Executive Officer of Analytik Jena AG.

Aside from office spaces with a large amount of equipment, the real estate also contains high-value laboratories for research and development, application and production. Important analytical instruments belonging to the portfolio are installed in the production and manufacturing floors of the Company at the Jena site, such as the entire atomic absorption spectrometer, which represents about 30.0 % of the Company sales. In the future, the new ICP-MS device series will be produced at the corporate headquarters, the modules of which will still be produced in the USA.

“This technology, which we first acquired in September 2014, completes the portfolio, and is an important step for the future growth of the Company. The ICP-MS technology is among the strongest growing analysis systems worldwide,” continued Berka.

“We will also expand our core business and the Jena location in the future, and are planning other investments in the coming years, such as the development of skilled employees and the expansion of manufacturing capacities. In order to realize the planned growth after the acquisition of the ICP-MP area, more investments are budgeted at the Jena site.”

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