02-Dec-2013 - LUMITOS AG

CHEMIE.DE gives technological support for the launch of a food and beverages internet portal

The new B2B web portal yumda.de builds on the proven technology of Europe's leading chemistry portal

To launch their B2B portal for the food and beverages industries on the basis of a successful concept straight from the beginning, yumda.de has trusted in the extensive experience of CHEMIE.DE Information Service GmbH. The Berlin-based online information provider has technologically implemented the entire yumda.de portal. The new B2B web portal is based wholly on CHEMIE.DE’s technology, which includes backend systems, order management and processing tools, reporting and web analysis tools as well as the CRM system. From the beginning, the Nuremberg-based start-up yumda GmbH will benefit from CHEMIE.DE’s more than 15 years of expertise, during which it has become Europe's leading online information provider for the chemical, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

"CHEMIE.DE’s portal technology has evolved through years of our own development activities. It is based on 15 years of experience in running B2B information portals. As part of this unique technology transfer to facilitate the launch of yumda.de, we were able to pass on not only a mature system, but also our comprehensive workflow and processing experience," says Stefan Knecht, Managing Director of CHEMIE.DE. "We wish yumda.de a successful future."

Since October, www.yumda.dehas been presenting well-arranged information relevant to the food and beverage industries in the form of product and company presentations, industry publications, market research studies, whitepapers and job ads. In K-New Media, the start-up has brought on board an experienced investor who is convinced of its business model. Norman Lizurek, founder and Managing Director of yumda GmbH, explains: "The support and the technology we have received from CHEMIE.DE allow us to focus on sales and marketing straight from the start, and thus reach the break-even point earlier. The portal technology developed by CHEMIE.DE enables our customers to find and place industry information much more effectively than when using the mostly too generic search engines."

CHEMIE.DE supports more than five million users around the world in their daily search for information. Its industry-specific online portals provide a wide spectrum of information on chemistry, biotechnology and pharma. These portals are thus ideal starting points for targeted searches.

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