LUM enters into a strategic partnership for bitumen and petroleum analysis in France

10-Nov-2021 - France

In October 2021, LUM GmbH started a strategic partnership with the French company VIALAB SARL in order to be able to offer French customers greater expertise in solving their questions in the field of bitumen, petroleum and related emulsions. Under the patronage of LUM France, VIALAB SARL will use its own expertise in this special market segment to convince users of the advantages of LUM measuring devices.


Sylvain Gressier, LUM France, Vincent Hesry, Vialab

The company VIALAB SARL is engaged in manufacturing and selling laboratory equipment for the investigation of emulsion parameters, particularly with regards to the NF EN 13808 standard in Europe and any relevant ASTM standards. VIALAB also operates a laboratory with pilot systems for emulsion production in order to carry out targeted technical customer training.

Susanne Lerche-Merchant, COO of LUM GmbH: “With this new partnership we will reach the French users in a market segment that has been so far rather exotic for LUM in a more targeted manner. We are strategically continuing to develop our international subsidiaries and branches into local network centers. Thanks to the close cooperation between LUM France and VIALAB, we see a large potential for growth here. We can contribute with our analysis expertise and equipment competency while benefiting from the expertise of VIALAB, an associated member of the International Bitumen Emulsion Federation."

Vincent HESRY, CEO of VIALAB: “The prospect of offering the technologies developed by LUM GmbH to our customers is very interesting. We are engaged in manufacturing laboratory equipment used specifically for bituminous binders. We believe that this partnership will allow us to increase our contribution to the evolution of practices by proposing very effective solutions to proven problems. France is a world-renowned player in this field and Vialab - The way of emulsion - thus wishes to participate in the development of new testing methods with a vision of improving the control of road surfaces based on emulsions (modified or even innovative) of pure binders."

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