PerkinElmer Appoints Robert F. Friel As Chairman of the Board of Directors

04-May-2009 - USA

PerkinElmer, Inc. announced that its board of directors has appointed the Company’s president and chief executive officer, Robert F. Friel, to the additional role of chairman of the board of directors. The announcement comes in conjunction with the Company’s annual shareholders meeting held on April 28, 2009. The appointment of Mr. Friel to chairman is part of PerkinElmer’s 2007 leadership succession plan designed to support the Company’s growth strategy and provide strong leadership continuity. Friel succeeds Gregory L. Summe, chairman since 1999, who did not stand for reelection.

Friel joined PerkinElmer in 1999 as chief financial officer and was appointed vice chairman and president of the Company’s Life and Analytical Sciences business in 2006. In 2007, Friel was appointed president and chief operating officer of the Company. He succeeded Mr. Summe as chief executive officer in 2008.

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