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Autosampler AS2 - The flexible solution for liquid- and gas sampling

Flexible/ Modular: customer specific configurtation with variable sampling vials ✓ Sampling interval: dynamic sampling intervals, easily parameterised ✓ Equipment: Autosampler master control can optionally control valve matrix more

Compact and Modular Motion Control Solution for Analytical Instruments

All in one: controller and drive in a single unit ✓ One for all: same drive for DC, stepper, brushless and linear motors ✓ Flexible integration into any single or multi-axis motherboard more

The bottle-top dispenser for safe and efficient dispensing directly from the bottle.

Wide range of applications for organic solvents, acids, alkalis and saline solutions ✓ Minimum operating forces, maximum comfort ✓ Trusted in challenging continuous operation and with aggressive media more

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Automation of Cellular Assays

- Flexible pipettor with 1 to 384 channels with automatic loading of pipetting tools- Unique and compact deck design, 12 positions on 2 levels- Patent pending CHOICETM technology for pipetting from 500 nl to1 ml- Highest precision and accuracy for various applicatios in all formats- Closed stand-al more

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