The young savages or the state of the art of tomorrow?

Start-ups from the supplier industry of food and beverage manufacturers

Start-ups often find alternative solutions than already established companies, becoming the game changers of tomorrow and altering production processes.

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Selected start-ups from the food and beverage industry



IT start-ups

Especially in IT, there are great opportunities to develop and optimize supply chains, production and food safety through intelligent systems, Big Data and AI algorithms.

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Production technology start-ups

Many startups are turning to new technologies like 3D printing and robotics to revolutionize food manufacturing.

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Laboratory technology start-ups

In the lab, startups are also relying on new technologies to determine the origin and quality of raw materials.

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Start-ups with packaging solutions

It's not just in the high-tech world that start-ups have exciting ideas. They are also at the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions. Biodegradable materials that offer optimal protection for food become the new trends.

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