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INVENIO by Bruker

FT-IR spectrometer of the future: INVENIO

Freely upgradeable and configurable FT-IR spectrometer

IR spectrometer for research and demanding analysis ✓ The world's most advanced interferometer & detector technology ✓ 100% designed for reliability, productivity and highest data quality ✓...

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Mechanical Pipette Tacta by Sartorius

Effortless and safe pipetting while producing accurate and reliable results

Designed to feel great in your hand - easy and comfortable to use

Rests lightly in your hand thanks to its ergonomically designed handle and finger hook ✓ Eases your workload and protects you from strain, even when you need to pipette for hours ✓ Quick and easy to clean and can also be steam-sterilized or autoclaved as-is, without disassembly ✓...

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