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photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS - WTW by Xylem

Innovative and Well-Proven - Reagent-Free Spectral Analysis with Menu-Guided Operation

Easy handling ✓ Mobile use ✓ Faster than the fastest digestion ✓ No costs, as no reagents or chemicals required ✓ Environmentally friendly and no health hazards...

analytica chemical oxygen demand analysis color measurement +11
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FastTrack™ by Mettler-Toledo

FastTrack UV/VIS Spectroscopy - Speed Up Your Measurements

Fast, reliable & efficient measurements with traceable accuracy in a small footprint

Streamlined workflow with full spectrum scans in just one second and no warm-up time ✓ Ready for the future with various automation options ✓ Conformity to guidelines in compliance with current pharmacopoeia specifications (e.g. USP, PharmEU) ✓...

automations color measurement DNA Analysis +12
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ProxiMate™ by Büchi

ProxiMate - NIR measuring instrument for harshest environments

Maximum precision with maximum robustness

Exceptional robustness - IP69 protection level ✓ Simple handling ✓ Ready-to-use pre-calibrations ✓...

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