FTIR spectrometers: INVENIO

FT-IR spectrometer of the future: INVENIO

Bruker Optics GmbH & Co. KG

IR spectrometer for research and demanding analysis

The world's most advanced interferometer & detector technology

100% designed for reliability, productivity and highest data quality

Freely upgradeable and configurable FT-IR spectrometer

INVENIO offers you key advantages through powerful technologies, like MultiTect with up to 7 automated internal detectors or TransitTM, which enables parallel availability of two measurement techniques (ATR/transmission). Choose between the new patented wear-free INTEGRAL interferometer incl. 3x beam splitter changer or our established RockSolid technology. Bruker FM lets you record MIR and FIR spectra in one go. The INVENIO platform allows to upgrade all hardware features on site at any time. It stands for reliability and quality with excellent signal to noise, highest reproducibility and automatic instrument tests (OQ/PQ). Gain access to full spectral range from FIR to VIS / UV and benefit from Rapid/Slow/Step Scan for time resolved spectroscopy. SoC electronics ensures maximum safety whereas OPUS TOUCH provides intuitive user experience. Make use of highest degree of automation, the optional touch PC, electronically coded windows, an 8-pos. validation wheel, and much more.


The TransitTM channel of the INVENIO enables measurements in reflection and transmission without having to change the configuration in the main sample compartment.


The tailored software of the Touch PC allows measurement, evaluation and report generation.


INVENIO with Hyperion microscope and module for polarization modulated experiments such as PMIRRAS and VCD.

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FTIR spectrometers: INVENIO

FT-IR spectrometer of the future: INVENIO

Bruker Optics GmbH & Co. KG