After 75 years Gerhard Juchheim takes a look back at a lifetime of accomplishments

11-Sep-2013 - Germany

In 1967 with courage, confidence and a little seed capital Gerhard Juchheim - then 28 years young - founded the company JUCHHEIM Labortechnik KG in the beautiful climatic health resort village of Seelbach.

Gerhard Juchheim, founder of Julabo

At 75 Gerhard Juchheim, founder of The Temperature Control Company looks back at his successful career.

Previously in 1965 20 of a total of 50 contacted communities gave a positive answer to his request for an industrial settlement in Baden-Württemberg. Of these 20 communities he pre-selected a few which he personally visited – one of them was Seelbach in today’s Ortenau district.

With the support of the municipality he acquired a property and first built a residential house for his young family with industrial and office space. In the very beginning the double garage was used for the mechanical production of the first laboratory units. The fledgling company of four employees established sales and administration. After only 3 years Gerhard Juchheim built the first production hall adjacent to the residential house and purchased the necessary machines and workbenches. Another 2 years later – in 1970 – the young company already employed 20 people. He continued to enlarge the company by acquiring neighboring properties and developing them. At the beginning of the 80s the number of employees had risen to an impressive 100 persons.

Gerhard Juchheim is proud that in 2013 more than 300 people are securely employed at the Seelbach site. The staff has contributed substantially to the success and growth of JULABO: Starting with the team for the development of electronics, manufacturing and refrigeration JULABO employs highly trained personnel in production, administration, organization and environment and quality management.

Since 2007 Gerhard Juchheim has handed the management of the head office in Seelbach and global responsibility to his son Markus Juchheim. Markus Juchheim completed his MBA education in the USA. Since joining he successfully manages the affairs of JULABO leading the company to a bright future. He is supported by excellent division managers for marketing and sales, research and development, controlling and personnel, plant management, product management and quality management.

On the occasion of his 75th birthday Gerhard Juchheim looks at his life’s great work with pride. A generational change has taken place at JULABO resulting in many positive changes for the staff.

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