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bioZen HPLC/UHPLC Columns for the Analysis of Biologics

Hardware curtails unwanted secondary interactions, problematic carryover, and recovery issues ✓ Integral levels of performance, ruggedness, and reproducibility for protein characterization ✓ Eight Particle Chemistries within one innovative product line spanning major biologics workflowsapps ✓ more

A UHPLC Column Guaranteed to Provide Astounding Efficiency Levels

Staggering UHPLC Efficiencies and Performance ✓ Extreme Ruggedness and Mechanical Strength ✓ Perfect Complement to Kinetex Core-Shell Technology ✓ more

Your New First Choice Chiral Columns

Dependable and seamless scalability ✓ Strong solvent stability and robustness with immobilized phases ✓ Polysaccharide coated phases with increased bonded surface area for greater enantioselectivity ✓ more

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