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Making Chemical Analysis Easy by Improving Laboratory Operations and Productivity

Polyarc: Universal GC/FID response for streamlined analyses and increased laboratory productivity. ✓ Jetanizer: Drastically simplify the GC analysis of CO & CO2 by using the world's easiest methanizer. ✓ Solvere: Utilize the benefits of carbon selective detection through the first universal HPLC/FID. more

The next industry standard for Gas Chromatography

Tool-free GC maintenance - From liner change to capillary column replacement Intuitive operation via touch screen and smart device control ✓ Intuitive operation via touch screen and smart device control more

Small, transportable gas chromatograph (GC) for analysis of fixed gases and light hydrocarbons

Quantitative results in minutes ✓ Transportable for on-site analysis ✓ Simplified, web-based software more

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  • House cats’ noses may function like highly efficient chemical analysis equipment

    A new computer simulation of domestic cats’ noses suggests that the convoluted nasal structures involved in their sense of smell function similarly to parallel coiled gas chromatographs—laboratory equipment used for highly efficient analysis of the chemical makeup of substances. Zhenxing Wu of the O more

  • The 'flying' gas chromatograph

    The basis of the airborne laboratory complex is the gas microchromatograph, developed by the scientists of Samara University. The portable device weighs a little more than a kilogram and it completely replaces bulky laboratory devices. It can provide accurate data on the composition of the atmospher more

  • Sketchy emission reports revealed by Empa measurements at Jungfraujoch

    Fluorinated hydrocarbons are potent greenhouse gases, emission of which must be reduced under the Kyoto Protocol. If you rely on the official reports of the participating countries, the output of trifluoromethane (HFC-23) in Western Europe is indeed significantly decreasing. However, pollutant measu more

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