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Real Macro Elemental Analysis: C, S and Cl Solid Analysis with Multi EA 4000

Analytik Jena offers a new generation of elemental analyzers for simple and straightforward determinations of C, S and Cl in solid samples more

Your Entire C/N/S/X Lab in One Device

Versatile, fast, and sensitive more

Fast, versatile and Cloud-enabled Carbon/Nitrogen elemental analyzer ensuring maximum performance

CNSoft software produces unsupervised, simultaneous results in 5mins: TC, TOC, TIC, TN, C/N Ratio ✓ The NDIR detector and LoGas TCD designed by VELP guarantee unmatched precision and unrivalled LOD ✓ The fully automatic and reliable combustion method assures moderate cost. Dual carrier gas: He/Ar more

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Your Entire C/N/S/X Lab in One Device

The multi EA 5100 series by Analytik Jena offers elemental analysis for demanding applications. Choose the universal talent for determining C, N, S, and Cl and parameters such as TOC, AOX or EOX in one instrument. multi EA 5100: Multi-Element Analysis C, N, S, Cl, and TOC/AOX/TOX in One Device The m more

The Perfect Solution for Every TOC-Analysis: multi N/C

multi N/C is the ideal system for routine applications, such as the examination of drinking and waste water, or special applications, such as pharmaceutical purification validation. The modular versatility and comprehensive range of accessories guarantee for every user an individual adaptation to th more

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