Avoid Risks! Certified Reference Materials for Fluorimetry, NIR and UV-Vis Spectroscopy

Ensure instrument qualification in compliance with Pharmacopoeia, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034.

As pioneers in the development of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for spectroscopy, Starna Scientific offer the world’s most comprehensive range of materials for Instrument Qualification and performance evaluation.

Starna Scientific maintains key qualification materials for all accredited laboratories (ISO 17025, ISO 15189, European Pharmacopoeia, USP 857, etc.) that use spectrophotometers or equivalent detectors. We offer the most comprehensive range of Certified Reference Materials to cover the whole wavelength range, from deep UV to NIR (190-2850 nm). Our products are used for the qualification of wavelength accuracy, photometric accuracy (absorbance), stray light and instrument resolution. They are traceable to International Standards (e.g. NIST), permanently sealed (where applicable) and covered by a unique lifetime guarantee.

Ensure reliable, compliant, easy to use and comprehensive instrument qualification – order our catalogue to find out more.

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