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The first laser diffraction analysers designed specifically to meet ISO 13320-1

The LS™ 13 320 MW is one of the most versatile and sophisticated laser diffraction particle size analyzers available today. The LS 13 320 MW offers the highest resolution, reproducibility and more

S 3500 Series: Tri-Laser-Diffraction Analyzers for the size range 10 nm to 3000 µm; with image analyzer module

Folded optics - smallest foot print. Accessory for liquid and dry dispersion, dynamic image analysis module integrated into the liquid circulation more

Mastersizer 3000 particle size analyzer

The new Mastersizer 3000 particle size analyzer delivers rapid, precise particle size distributions for both wet and dry dispersions. It packs exceptional more

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  • Malvern Instruments announces global agreement with Proveris Scientific

    Malvern Instruments has announced an agreement with Proveris Scientific Corporation to provide a complete solution for nasal spray characterization. This solution comprises the SoloTM for Spraytec system (Proveris), a patented automated actuator and software for the control of the actuation profile more

  • New ISO standard for laser diffraction ‘much improves method development advice’ says Malvern

    Malvern Instruments has welcomed the release of ISO13320:2009, a new standard for this key particle sizing technique. Building on a knowledge base that has advanced significantly over the preceding decade, ISO13320:2009 is an essential resource for instrument manufacturers and users alike. By emphas more

  • Malvern Spraytec in dusty plumes!

    A research team led by Professor John Dodds at the RAPSODEE research centre, Ecole des Mines in Albi, France, is using a Malvern Spraytec particle size analyzer as part of a project to better understand the mechanics of powder handling. The system will be used to examine dust emissions from powder s more

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  • On-line particle analysis in wet processes

    Fully automated particle size measurement technology integrated with existing plant control platforms for ease of use has the potential to deliver numerous benefits. At plants where a switch to on-line analysis has been made it is frequently easier or possible to: more

  • Measuring particle size using modern laser diffraction techniques

    Many different techniques have been devised for determining particle size distribution, but for a wide range of industries laser diffraction has become the preferred choice. Laser diffraction, alternatively referred to as Low Angle Laser Light Scattering (LALLS), can be used for the non-destructive analysis of wet or dry samples, with particles in the size range 0.02 to 2000 micron and has inherent advantages which make it preferable to other options for many different materials. more

  • Particle shape - an important parameter in pharmaceutical manufacturing

    The advent of rapid and reliable measurement technologies, together with the FDA's PAT (Process Analytical Technologies) initiative, has increased the use of particle shape analysis within the pharmaceutical industry. Particle shape, like particle size which is routinely measured and controlled, can directly influence product performance and its measurement can lead to improved process and product understanding. Here we consider the importance of particle shape measurement for the pharmaceutical industry, with reference to the aims of the PAT initiative, and highlight the modern image analysis techniques available for sensitive size and shape characterization. more

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Spectrogon laser tuning

Plane Gratings for laser tuning Standard products Information about Gratings for laser tuning... When ordering a grating, please use the following example format below, or choose from the standard grating stock list... G 1100 W x H x Thk 1200-1600 nm (TM/-1) constant incidence angle 75° 1. G stands more

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Spectrogon coatings

Optical coatings Spectrogon's Coating Service capabilities (193-20000 nm) for OEM customers include: Antireflection coatings: - Single and multilayer coatings - Broad band AR coatings - Extended BBAR coatings - Laser line AR coatings - Dual wavelength AR coatings - UV laser coatings High reflective more

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