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  • Malvern Instruments announces global agreement with Proveris Scientific

    Malvern Instruments has announced an agreement with Proveris Scientific Corporation to provide a complete solution for nasal spray characterization. This solution comprises the SoloTM for Spraytec system (Proveris), a patented automated actuator and software for the control of the actuation profile more

  • New ISO standard for laser diffraction ‘much improves method development advice’ says Malvern

    Malvern Instruments has welcomed the release of ISO13320:2009, a new standard for this key particle sizing technique. Building on a knowledge base that has advanced significantly over the preceding decade, ISO13320:2009 is an essential resource for instrument manufacturers and users alike. By emphas more

  • Malvern Spraytec in dusty plumes!

    A research team led by Professor John Dodds at the RAPSODEE research centre, Ecole des Mines in Albi, France, is using a Malvern Spraytec particle size analyzer as part of a project to better understand the mechanics of powder handling. The system will be used to examine dust emissions from powder s more

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Shadow of an Atom

Researchers have captured the "shadow" of an Ytterbium atom. more

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Laser Diffraction Masterclass 7: Comparison of light scattering and image analysis techniques

With the advent of automated imaging systems, it is now possible to obtain statistically significant size distributions using image analysis. This webinar considers how imaging techqniues compared to laser diffraction for particle size measurements.


Using laser diffraction for asphalt emulsion particle size distribution measurements

Laser Diffraction has proven itself as a reliable and cost-effective technique for monitoring the emulsions used in the Asphalt Industry. Find out how it's done!


Why standards for light scattering, are important for your applications!

A review of the international standards for Laser Diffraction and Dynamic Light Scattering, including ISO13320, ISO13321, ISO22412 and ASTM 2490-09. It will show how the Mastersizer and Zetasizer product ranges comply with these standards

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