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Shadow of an Atom

Researchers have captured the "shadow" of an Ytterbium atom. more

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Virtual Seminar – Best practices for characterizing and manufacturing battery slurries and electrodes

The market for batteries is rapidly growing, and the increased demand for portable electronic devices, including mobile phones and laptops requires greater advances in battery technology in order to provide a light weight, long lasting and stable power source. Battery technology is also being pushed


Sieve less, see more! In-line particle sizing improves process control

Sieve analysis is one of the oldest techniques for evaluating granule size and even today is employed widely in quality control across variety of industries including pharmaceutics, despite being gradually replaced by more modern methods such as laser diffraction. Reliance on sieving as the primary


Particle Characterization for Oral Solid Dose Formulations

The particle size and size distribution of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and excipients present in Oral Solid Dose (OSD) products are often critical to defining product performance. This is recognized by ICH Q6A, which recommends that formulation developers consider how product bioava

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