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A High-Performance Compact Mass Spectrometer for the Rapid Determination of Molecular Components in Solids, Liquids and Gases

Fast MS-measurements can be done now in the own laboratory. This saves a lot of time and results in considerably increased efficiency more

JASCO designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of FTIR and IR Microscopes from over 60 years

Permanent alignment of Michelson interferometer thanks to corner-cube mirrors ✓ MID and FAR-IR spectrum in one single measurement by using unique beamsplitter ✓ From Near-IR to THz measurement range under full vacuum conditions ✓ more

FT-IR spectrometer of the future: INVENIO

IR spectrometer for research and demanding analysis ✓ The world's most advanced interferometer & detector technology ✓ 100% designed for reliability, productivity and highest data quality ✓ more

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  • Novel insights into one's own body via smartphone

    trinamiX GmbH, a leader in biometric and infrared sensing solutions, envisions a future of smartphones with features that have been deemed impossible: Smartphones equipped with trinamiX Consumer Spectroscopy – a built-in near-infrared spectrometer that grants molecular insights into the body. For Mo more

  • Miniaturized infrared detectors

    Extreme miniaturization of infrared (IR) detectors is critical for their integration into next-generation consumer electronics, wearables and ultra-small satellites. Thus far, however, IR detectors have relied on bulky (and expensive) materials and technologies. A team of scientists lead by Empa res more

  • Tapping hidden visual information: An all-in-one detector for thousands of colours

    Spectrometers are widely used throughout industry and research to detect and analyse light. Spectrometers measure the spectrum of light – its strength at different wavelengths, like the colours in a rainbow – and are an essential tool for identifying and analysing specimens and materials. Integrated more

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SPECORD PLUS Series - Maximum precision in UV/Vis

Our latest generation of double-beam photometers, SPECORD PLUS offers highest precision and total reliability of measurement results. An extensive range of accessories guarantees flexibility and efficiency for all routine or special applications. The generously sized sample chamber and easily access more

Robust ICP-MS with ease of use and high productivity for routine analysis

The Thermo Scientific iCAP RQ single quadrupole ICP-MS instrument is the perfect choice for laboratories testing for trace elements from water analysis and food testing to elemental impurities analysis in the pharmaceutical industry and industrial applications. The comprehensive interference removal more

Zeeman Technology for Maximum Sensitivity – Matching any Analytical Problem

The ZEEnit 650 P, a Zeeman AAS for graphite furnace and hydride techniques, and the ZEEnit 700 P, a compact tandem spectrometer for flame, hydride and graphite furnace techniques, provide users with a "plus" of functions. PlusGuaranteed effective: Both ZEEnit series instruments are equipped with a 8 more

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