Certified NOx analyzers for efficient gas analysis

The Top 3 Advantages

Powerful hardware for maximum performance in every measurement task


Sophisticated operating concept for user-friendly execution of analyses


Multiple interfaces for maximum integration or use as stand-alone instrument

Nitrogen oxide measurements from the ppt to the % range with chemiluminescence detectors (CLD)

Measure with comfort. Even though a measuring instrument has to fulfill its tasks during operation, today's demands on operator comfort and flexibility are very high. The instruments of the nCLD series fulfill both aspects with excellence. Current values or the entire measurement curve can be displayed graphically; integrated data recording with export option is of course possible.

The nitrogen oxide analyzers can be used for a wide range of applications. NO-substance amounts from the sub-ppt range to the % range can be measured. The possible areas of application are therefore extremely diverse.

Quality that will also convince you. The analyzers are subjected to intensive testing at the factory. In addition, selected devices are certified by an external suitability test.

If we have awakened your interest, we look forward to your inquiry.

  • emission measurement

  • exhaust analysis

  • nitric oxide measurement

  • environmental analysis

  • gas analysis

  • immission measurements

  • process analysis

  • emission measurement

  • nitrogen oxide measurements

  • occupational health and safety measurements

  • testing and measurement services

  • nitric oxide analyzers

  • chemiluminescence detectors

  • nitrogen oxides analyzers

  • NO analyzers

  • NOx measurements

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