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Developed for reprocessing laboratory apparatus for analytical experiments: System4Lab

Superior cleaning results combined with optimum protection of lab glassware ✓ Greater efficiency and economy through higher capacity and special-purpose programmes ✓ Sparing use of resources through reduced consumption of water, energy and process chemicals more

25+ years supporting the global pharmaceutical industry with high-quality reference standards

5,000+ Mikromol API, impurity & excipient reference standards for pharmaceutical quality control ✓ Comprehensive Certificate of Analysis with each product detailing its characterisation process ✓ Experts in full-service pharmaceutical outsourcing, from synthesis & production to distribution more

High quality bovine plasma proteins manufactured by MP Biomedicals in Auckland, New Zealand

Chromatographically extracted without the negative effects of heat, solvent or stabilizers ✓ Quality Systems are ISO Certified and audited to cGMP Principles ✓ Bovine Plasma sourced only from MPI, EU and USDA approved abattoirs in New Zealand more

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Use potential savings in laboratory purchasing

“From a single source” means potential savings through process optimization and supplier consolidation ✓ Saving time with personal advice from our laboratory experts and through modern ordering systems more

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  • Chemicals in the environment: A focus on mixtures

    In the past, it was sufficient to identify individual chemicals as the cause of detrimental effects on humans and the environment. But in the meantime, it has become apparent that this approach falls short of the mark. This is because the real world is marked by multiple stressors, among them cockta more

  • Gallium-based solvating agent efficiently analyzes optically active alcohols

    A KAIST research team has developed a gallium-based metal complex enabling the rapid chiral analysis of alcohols. A team working under Professor Hyunwoo Kim reported the efficient new alcohol analysis method using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy in iScience. Enantiopure chiral alcohols more

  • Testing chemicals without animal testing on rodents

    In recent years, the number of neurological developmental disorders in children has increased. Epidemiological data suggest that lifestyle factors and chemicals used in our environment contribute to this. Scientists from the Institute of Physiology and Cell Biology at the University of Veterinary Me more

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The chemicals we leave behind

The products we use every day leave behind chemical footprints. Learn how and why researchers are now studying those trails. Mass spectrometry is helping researchers learn more about our interactions with the everyday chemicals we use, such as DEET, caffeine, even medications. In this episode of ... more

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