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High-Performance Ion-Detectors for Mass Spectroscopy

Hamamatsu Photonics will present their latest portfolio of high-performance ion-detectors and related products for any type of mass analysers. The long life-time and robustness of our products are a benchmark for the whole photonic industry more

Nitric Oxide Measurement from ppt- up to Percent-Level

With newly developed, powerful electronics and a new handling concept your measurement task is in our capable hands more

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  • Physicists propose a new method for monitoring nuclear waste

    New scientific findings suggest neutrino detectors may play an important role in ensuring better monitoring and safer storage of radioactive material in nuclear waste repository sites. Researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) in Germany have made calculations to ascertain the neutrin more

  • Quick and reliable 3-D imaging of curvilinear nanostructures

    Physical and biological sciences increasingly require the ability to observe nano-sized objects. This can be accomplished with transmission electron microscopy (TEM), which is generally limited to 2D images. Using TEM to reconstruct 3D images instead usually requires tilting the sample through an ar more

  • Cheap and simple detection of neurotoxic chemicals

    There is a limited amount of data on the global health impacts of pesticides, but many injuries and deaths worldwide can be attributed to their misuse. Pesticide contamination of food and water sources is a very serious problem, particularly in third world countries. The detection of these chemicals more

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  • On-Line Particle Analysis in Wet Processes

    Fully automated particle size measurement technology integrated with existing plant control platforms for ease of use has the potential to deliver more

  • Automated Dynamic Light Scattering

    DLS analysis is a widely applied, non-invasive method for measuring the effective size of molecules in solution. This technique yields valuable information for the characterization of molecules and particles. It facilitates formerly laborious and tim more

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Malvern's Polyolefin Technology Package Part 1: High Temperature GPC/SEC

Chromatography at high temperatures presents a unique challenge when using advanced detectors. The analysis of polyolefins using high temperature GPC offers insight into the chromatographic variables that should be considered


Additional Detection Methods for Conventional Calibration

Conventional calibration for proteins in SEC is the most popular method, however the integration of other detectors can give higher efficiency and be more accurate. These detectors can be integrated into your existing protein separation system


Characterization of the Size and Molecular Weight and Oligomeric State of Proteins using the Malvern Zetasizer Systems in batch and flow modes

This presentation will discuss the use of the Zetasizer Nano and Zetasizer µV systems for the measurement of the size, molecular weight and oligomeric state of proteins in solution, and the use of these systems as chromatography detectors

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